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About Us:     
Real Estate & Mortgage Junction (REMJ), based in Dallas, Texas, is a virtual productivity suite designed specially for real estate and mortgage professionals. We provide virtual assistance, through "one centralized platform", with "systems & tools" that can assist and be used daily to improve your business.

We are proud to offer Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Originators (LOs) a comprehensive integration of
"Business Planning and Marketing Modules" with a "Virtual Assistant Program" to assist with implementing your goals and objectives, while transforming your business.

The REMJ collaborative Business Model is an integrated  monetized network of systems, programs, and partners which  can deliver additional sales, superior service, referrals, residual income, and qualified leads to your business.

*** 90 Days of System Transformation ***

At REMJ, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded professionals in order to accelerate growth, and have the opportunity to network with other real estate professionals in your area, and sharpen your skills through group conversation and role-play.    ("FREE" Assessment)

REMJ and it's Partners have broad and diversified experience in the real estate and mortgage industries. We are dedicated to the continued excellence of customer service, and provide an unbiased environment that promises fair and open competition for service.  

This network will become a powerful part of your business as you share ideas, experiences, and build a business which will include a strong customer referral base.

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