***90 Days of System Transformation***
Internet Business Exchange has customized the modules to your needs. Once your requirements are analyzed, we can make recommendations that will provide the most helpful solutions. The following are some basic system tasks our Virtual Assistants perform for our real estate and mortgage professionals.

The most important fact to internalize is that all systems and activities in the new technology paradigm are connected to each other, so you must take an integrated approach (System Tasks). With virtual assistance, our "Process" breaks it down into smaller goals that will fit together over time to create a new you.                                                           ("FREE" Assessment)

        Virtual Assistant Program   
  Property Business Marketing Strategic
System Tasks: In-Line Listing Plan Plan Business
Module Module Module Module
 Virtual Assistant (Business/Marketing) X X X X
 *Professional WebSite / Virtual Site Tours  X X X X
 *Virtual Office BuilderŪ X X X X
 Strategic Business Plan   X   X*   X*
 Marketing Strategic Plan       X*   X*
 *Listing & Promotional Tools - (Listing Announcements, Showing X X X X
 Scheduler, E-Fax, Call Capture, Open Houses, Surveys, Etc.)        
 *Contact Management System X X X X
 Web Template Maintenance X X X X
 Monthly Milestones Tracking   X X X
 Quarterly Reviews   X X X
 Monthly Prospect Marketing Calendar     X X
 Traditional Marketing Tools - (Telephone/Fax, Mail-Outs     X X
 E-mail Marketing, Purchased Leads, Newsletters, Websites, Etc.)        
 Time Management System     X X
 Data Base Management System     X X
 Local Area Farming & Referral System     X X
 *Lead Management System     X X
 *Communications Management       X
 *Workflow Management       X
 *Ditigal Document Management       X
 *Vender Services Management       X
 *Client Management       X
 *Transaction Management       X
 Expired Listing System       X
 FSBO System       X
 **                                                         PRICE (monthly) $ 59.95 $ 79.95 $ 99.95 $ 129.95
 Automatic Marketing: Out-Line        
 Automatic Marketing ("Beta Test") -  Auto Responders, Prospecting   "Beta Test" X
 System, Webinar Conference Rooms, Video marketing, List Building System,         
 Automatic Social Media Marketing ("Beta Test") - (Facebook,     "Beta Test" X
 Linkedin, Blogs, Google, Craiglist, U-Tube, Twitter, Word Press, Etc.        
*A Combined Strategic Business & Marketing Plan.
**The Property Listing Module included in the Virtual Assistant Program implies 0-5 listings per Agent, and additional listing will incur additional cost.
*Note: These collaborative systems and/or tools are available as a monthly stand alone System with optional real estate "Transaction Coordination Services" for Real Estate Agents and Brokers.  [VIEW FLYER]

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