Strategic Business Module
"The Virtual Assistant Process"  
*** 90 Days of System Transformation ***
                   Week 1 | The Business Planning
                   Week 2 | Business Tools/"Virtual Office" Integration
                   Week 3 | System Tasks/Business Plan Process Review
                   Week 4 | Business Plan Projections/Business Plan Results
            Business Plan Module

                  Week 5 | Transaction Management System   
                   Week 6 | The Marketing Planning
                   Week 7 | Marketing Tools/Time Management System  
                 Week 8 | Data Base Management/Local Area Farming
           Marketing Plan Module

              Week 9 | Referral System/Lead Management System
                   Week 10 | Communication Management System  
                   Week 11 | Expired Listing System (Bonus #1)
                   Week 12 | FSBO System (Bonus #2)
           Strategic Business Module

Serving the Industry:

Once you are familiar with the systems, you will realize why all activities in the new technology paradigm are connected to each other, so you now know why you must take an integrated approach to the systems. Above is a list of the operational and/or marketing technical systems that are inherent in the total Virtual Assistant program, and are included in the Strategic Business Module.

These systems not only help you acquire and market a property but also help you market you as an Agent. Your level of professionalism will exceed that of other agents. All marketing tools are tightly integrated with your Contact Manager System so that you can quickly and easily market your listing to your total targeted marketing areas.

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