Strategic Business Module 

Virtual Assistant:    *** 90 Days of System Transformation ***
We can customize our service to your needs. Once we analyze your requirements, we can make recommendations that will provide the most helpful solutions. The following are some basic tasks our Virtual Assistant perform for our real estate and mortgage professionals. The most important fact to internalize is that all systems and activities in the new technology paradigm are connected to each other, so you must take an integrated approach (Strategic Business Plan). With virtual assistance, our "Process" breaks it down into smaller goals that will fit together over time to create a new you.  ("FREE" Business Assessment)


Virtual System Tasks

                          1.) Planning and Marketing Coordination

                          2.) Professional Web-Site

                          3.) Strategic Business / Marketing Plan

                          4.) Transaction Management System

                          5.) Listing/promo Coordination

                          6.) Monthly Milestone Tracking

                          7.) Monthly Local Area Marketing Calendar
                          8.) Database Management

                          9.) Communication Management

                          10.) Lead Management

                          11.) Website Template Maintenance



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