"Strategic Business Plan"

Strategic Business Planning is a Real Estate Agent's process of defining its Business and Marketing strategies and direction, and incorporating them into hard-copy.

This process will organize, allocate, and document the resources to pursue the strategies, plus create solutions and make decisions  for guiding the implementation of the plan.

A Strategic Business Plan will provide the foundation, strategy, and frame work for an Operational Business Plan to implement. (Operational Business Plan)

An ideal Strategic Business Plan must be realistic and attainable so as to allow you to think strategically and act operationally.  
Three  Stages of the Process

Stage 1) Business Assessment Analysis - As the precursor to developing a Strategic Business Plan, hindsight is desirable to clearly identify the current status of your business:

                ●  Business Planning

              ●  Marketing Plan / Marketing Calendar

              ●  Systems of Operation  

              ●  Data Base Management

              ●  Listing & Lead Management

              ●  Transactional Management 

*You will write down and grade yourself in each category, and then grade your actual performance and answer the pertinent question about your business.
Stage 2) SWOTs Analysis (Key to Business Strategies) - Having built up a picture of your business past aims and achievements, the all-important SWOTs (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis will follow:

                   4 Strengths & Weaknesses

                 4 Threats & Opportunities

*(1) The objective is to develop a picture of the outstanding good and bad points, achievements and failures, and other critical features within your business.

  (2) The recent NAR Danger Report is a good place to identify and prioritize the key SWOTs for developing your new business strategy. -

Stage 3) Develop Ideal Business Strategies: - Once the SWOTs Review is complete, the future strategy may be readily apparent or, as is more likely the case, a series of strategies or combinations of tactics will suggest themselves:

                      ● Business Vision 

                      ● Mission Statement 

                      ● Business Objectives

                      ● Key Strategies

                      ● Major Goals

                      ● Define System Tasks & Solutions

                      ● Business Plan Summary

*The above categories are not just elements of future planning, they also provide benchmarks for future reviews.

The next step is the preparation of a full-blown "Operational Business Plan" with virtual assistant, virtual office, marketing strategy & monthly calendars, systems building, compilation of financial projections, establishing budgets, etc.- "90 Days of System Transformation"


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